Victorious Praises


Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 1 : God’s Favor

In this life, we must put first things first to succeed. This volume teaches just that!  We must  follow the example Jesus set (1-FOLLOW).  No matter how much we have to do, before starting our day, we must pray first to get the strategy, the strength, and the joy and peace of mind to move forward (2-PRAY FIRST,9- DON’T STOP PRAYING, 7- JOY).  The Lord can do anything (GOD CAN!) but fail!  However, being human, we can fail on our own, but God has a reboot plan for us. (5- TURN,

6-ABIDE IN ME) God forgives us as we forgive others (8- I FORGIVE THEM). Jesus is the only name by which we can be saved, and it is He Who pours out the promise on those who ask Him (11-ONE NAME, 10-LIVING WATER).

Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 2: Following God

Some people speak of luck, but nothing beats the favor of God in a person’s life! (1-FAVOR!!!).  All power is in God’s hands. The Lord reigns! (11-HE REIGNS). Wisdom, riches, and honor come from being taught by the Lord (6-TEACH ME). In fact, God is  our confidence (9-CONFIDENCE), the source of  our life, (2-GOD, OUR CREATOR ), and the source of  every good thing ( 5-EV’RY GOOD THING).

Our help comes from Him (2- IT COMES FROM YOU).  Nothing is too hard for Him! (10- NOTHING’S TOO HARD!). Even when we go astray, if we bring the sacrifices of a broken and contrite spirit to Him, He lavishes His mercy on us, renews us  and restores to us the joy of His salvation. Let God breathe in your life today (3- BREATH IN US)!

Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 3: Faith

The possibilities are limitless when faith takes hold (1-BY FAITH!). Faith comes by hearing the Word (8-THE WORD). We show our faith by our actions (2- FAITH WITHOUT WORKS.) Our God is miraculous and marvelous, and He never changes (3-HE’S STILL THE SAME).  We draw close to him by seeking Him with all our heart through prayer. (5-CALL TO ME, 7-PRAYER)

When we mess up, He is faithful and just to forgive us (SACRIFICE, MAKE ME OVER).(God always rewards the diligent.(6-THE DILIGENT ONE) When times get tough, we make it through by faith in the promises, and by encouraging ourselves in the Lord (11-ENCOURAGED!).  In all that we do, we must remember to do all in love; for Love is THE GREATEST OF ALL!(#4)

Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 4 Theme: Created for Purpose

We are not here by accident. God created each individual for a purpose (1-CREATED FOR PURPOSE).  We discover that purpose by abiding in God in prayer (8-HOW,2-ABIDE IN ME, 3-DESTINY, 10-TO KNOW YOU, LORD). We live that purpose out by making God our Number One (4- YOU ARE MY TREASURE) , and by living a  holy life pleasing to God (7- LIVE IT, 11- HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD). God gives us the power to live that life (9-POUR OUT THE PROMISE, 6- GIVE ME). He also shows us the way of salvation (5-GOD’S PLAN). This album comes with a bonus track,


Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 5 Theme: Secret Mission

Our life is a secret mission, and the mission is found only in Jesus (1- SECRET MISSION, 4-SEEK THE LORD,5- SECRET PLACE).  Our destination is the kingdom of God, which is joy, peace , and righteousness (16- THE KINGDOM). The codebook is the Word of God (7-SECRET CODE). The Lord gives us secret weapons to use against obstacles that come against us so that we win every battle in our life. We are more than conquerors, victorious, blessed when we go and when we come back! (10-WHO I REALLY AM). Like any good spy, we keep our mission ever before us, our ambition being to do the will of God.(9-SPYRING). There are so many counterfeits trying to trip us up; so we must use the Word of God to discern people and situations so as not to be beguiled ( 8-COUNTERFEIT).  

We go forth without fear (12-NO FEAR); for God gives us His Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind (2-EVIDENCE,3-GOD IN ME). We run to the Savior’s loving arms when we are wrong (11-WRONG WAY) and He fixes all wrong. At all times, God is a refuge for us (13-SAFE PLACE, 6KEPT)).Our praise goes up to the One Who saves (15-NO OTHER NAME) and directs us, the Lord Jesus(14-MY HALLELUJAH).

Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 6: Powered

Jesus makes it clear that we must not only love (10-LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and know Him by faith, but we must also be powered up (1-POWERED UP). This volume teaches the importance of faith and of knowing and meditating on the Word of God (2-PLANTED BY RIVERS OF WATER, 14-DELIGHT, 5-YOU MUST BELIEVE, 6-FAITH COMES) . God has a Word of promise and victory for every situation in our lives (11- GOD’S GOT A WORD FOR THAT). Equally important is making sure that we take our thoughts captive because we have been called to do great things (4-LINE-UP, 8-MOVIN’ ON). When we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, our lives are transformed, and God’s gifts are free to fully operate in our lives for His glory (13-OVERFLOW, 12-BORN AGAIN, 3-OPERATIONAL). The Lord has given us many other powerful, weapons, such as  the whole armor of God, so that we will be victorious in every situation (7-UNDEFEATABLE); so power up and sing along !

Victorious Generation Praises

Volume 7: Rescued!

It is easy to end up off-course because we fail to follow the map (4-WATCH HOW YOU LIVE). Fortunately, God has given us a wonderful map that can keep us from bad situations, and can get us the help we need when we find ourselves caught in a bad predicament. That map is the Bible (7- YOUR WORD IS MY LIGHT, 6-KNOW THE WORD, 9-HE WISE ONE). Unlike any other book, the Bible is the God-breathed Word of  the Living God (2-BREATHED BY GOD ) In it are instructions that show us the way of salvation (13-THE WATER AND THE SPIRIT).There is also protective gear for us to wear as we go on our journey, such as the name of Jesus, the whole armor of God, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

In whatever situation arises in our life, we have outside help, and it is found in prayer and praise, by calling on the name of Jesus (5-POWER IN THE NAME), and by being empowered and led by the Holy Spirit.  When we focus our love and attention on the Lord, fleeing youthful lusts, we can have peace of mind (10-SETTLED LOVE, 8-PURSUE). God is awesome ( 14-MY GOD), a refuge for us in tough times (11- GOD IS MY REFUGE, 3-GOD’S GOT ME)! He will never leave us or forsake us (12- I AM NOT ALONE). Jesus has given His all so that we could be rescued ( 1-RESCUED). Just follow the map!

Victorious Praises


Each volume consists of praise and worship music for adults and young adults. This collection of music affirms Who God is, Who we are in Him, the power of His Word, and the greatness of His mercy and of His goodness to us. It is the author’s sincere hope that you will be strengthened for your journey, and that you will be transformed by the Lord as you worship, pray, meditate His Word, and praise your way through each day. Use this music to enter into prayer, to make your drive to work a time of intimacy with God, to set the atmosphere of your home or work environment, and /or to relax in the Lord at any time.

He Blesses Me is Volume 1 of the series, and is an intimate collection of praise and worship music in adoration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
He Blesses Me, Volume 1

Victorious Praises

Memorizes Scripture

Each volume consists of songs that are actually Bible verses! The lively rhythms and catchy original tunes in the Victorious Generation Memorizes Scripture collection will help get the Word into the hearts of your children in a fun and exciting way. Use theses songs for home Worship time, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible classes, or any church event that involves young children.