This website was created to keep you abreast of the latest installments in the Victorious Praises music collection, which consists of 3 genres of Christian music. May you be encouraged as your faith is taken to higher heights; and may you grow in depth and height and breadth in the love of God!

Victorious Generation Praises

Each volume consists of scripture-based music for children. The greatest thing you can give the children in your life is the Word of God. The Word of God is Life! With lilting vibes and driving beats, the catchy original tunes in the Victorious Generation Praises collections are intended to instill the Word of God and Biblical principles into children in a fun way. Both the child and the parent/teacher will be encouraged in their faith. Biblical teachings are brought to life through the words and rhythms of each song. Best of all, the children will have a joyous time learning what pleases the Lord.

Each album comes with accompaniment tracks for each song, suitable for performance at home, in Sunday School, Vacation Bible classes, talent shows, or other youth programs.

Victorious Praises Affirmation

Each volume consists of praise and worship music for adults and young adults. This collection of music affirms Who God is, Who we are in Him, the power of His Word, and the greatness of His mercy and of His goodness to us. It is the author’s sincere hope that you will be strengthened for your journey, and that you will be transformed by the Lord as you worship, pray, meditate His Word, and praise your way through each day. Use this music to enter into prayer, to make your drive to work a time of intimacy with God, to set the atmosphere of your home or work environment, and /or to relax in the Lord at any time.

He Blesses Me is Volume 1 of the series, and is an intimate collection of praise and worship music in adoration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Victorious Generation Memorizes Scripture

Each volume consists of songs that are actually Bible verses! The lively rhythms and catchy original tunes in the Victorious Generation Memorizes Scripture collection will help get the Word into the hearts of your children in a fun and exciting way. Use theses songs for home Worship time, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible classes, or any church event that involves young children.

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Victorious Praises Affirmation Series, Victorious Generation Memorizes Scripture, and Victorious Generation Praises words and music are copyrighted materials. All rights are reserved, but the author does give permission for non-commercial use for the edification of the body of Christ.